Moving to Hugo From Wordpress

I’m moving this site from Wordpress to Hugo. Hugo is a tool for building static sites (SSGs). I have the site in git, and the site is served by Netlify. Whenever I push my changes in git to GitLab, Netlify rebuilds the website, and publishes it. This is MUCH easier than maintaining a Wordpress/MySQL installation. This way of building web sites is known as the JAMStack, as opposed to the classic LAMP stack consisting of Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP.

I used the Python tool exitwp-for-hugo to convert my Wordpress backup (An XML file) to files apropriate for Hugo. I had to move my images manually. Luckily, I only had a few. Had I had more, it would have been VERY tedious to do.

I could get the content from a headless CMS, but for now, I’m fine with writing new posts in separate files formated in Markdown and adding them to my git repository.